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Simply Energy Experts have conducted hundreds of assessments and site-visits of condominiums and apartment buildings which have given us a unique perspective about energy consumption and how to achieve maximum efficiency in multi-residential buildings. We will come in and assess the energy health of your building and give you the truth – good or bad! We offer unique programs and financial support mechanisms that ensure a virtually “no cost” retrofit project, where energy savings cover the costs of the project. Paybacks are guaranteed since measurement is the foundation of any Energy Conservation Measure we recommend!

Do you need an Energy Audit?

Energy audits are a must for residential buildings over 25 years old, especially condominium buildings with complicated heating/cooling mechanical systems. Our individualized audit reports are readable and clearly explain how your building consumes energy. Our process reduces costs when energy consumption is harnessed with controls and managed by measurement.

The SEE Energy Assessment takes an entirely different approach to electrically heated buildings

Baseboard and radiant ceiling heating systems seemed like a good idea in the 70’s. Even PTACs (packaged terminal air conditioners) appeared to offer flexibility and comfort at a low cost. Today these antiquated systems are a financial burden and maintenance nightmare. Thermostats don’t work, heating panels fail and noisy “through the wall” units leak – not to mention the noise complaints associated with them! This presents an entirely different set of issues for the residents and building management. We can provide several solutions that can mitigate rising costs such as controls or complete retrofit conversions to natural gas or VRF Systems (Variable Refrigerant Flow).
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A building doesn’t always require an energy audit

Our no-cost assessment will identify energy conservation measures and if you don’t need an audit, we’ll help you through the process of taking on the project. Since we measure all of our retrofit projects, you will have real savings and understand the how and why. We have unique subscription plans that are like having an energy manager on-staff but for a fraction of the payroll cost. For Condo Boards or apartment building owners and property management companies, this is an excellent opportunity to manage energy costs and measure the results of projects to ensure ongoing savings.
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We appreciated their honest approach. They didn't force us to spend money until we understood how they would help us realize savings and what we had to do to make sure the savings didn't fade away. We couldn't have done this or continue to save without them.


Board president

Iain's frank and honest approach to energy conservation is underscored by his dedicated customer service attitude. He has advised us on our best course of actions regarding energy conservation retrofits and helped expedite incentive applications for retrofit projects.


General Manager